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Since 1987. RFT Celebrates 35 Years!

RFT 35th Anniversary Graphic
RFT 35th Anniversary

For 35 years, RFT has remained a leading provider of life safety solutions in the hospital, senior living, education, and hospitality markets. RFT’s sole focus is providing solutions that keep people safe. in addition to defining the standard in safety and security for those that need it most.

RF Technologies began as the brainchild of Glen Jonas, founder, and CEO. In 1987, RFT started setting the standard in safety and security for those who need it most. Since then, the company has grown to offer a wide array of radio frequency-based safety systems. Jonas said, “The need for RFT’s solutions remains the same today as was needed 35 years ago. However, some major changes during these 35 years include: First, the substantial increase in the elderly population has dramatically increased the need for solutions to help care for the increasing number of advanced-age elderly. Secondly, software and technology advances have improved the ability of RFT’s solutions to assist the care staff in providing much-improved care. While also increasing the safety for those in their care.”


RFT entered the market with the CODE ALERT® offering. Which expanded over the years to provide nurse call, wander management, and fall detection systems in the Senior Living space.

By 1995, RFT offered one of the first Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Infant Security solutions sold to hospitals. Over the years, the SAFE PLACE® line of products grew to not only protect infants, but also, mothers, pediatrics, and staff as well.

In 2002, RFT’s offerings expanded beyond the healthcare and senior living markets. With the acquisition of the PinPoint Company, protecting people in hospitality and educational markets with Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) became a reality.

In the pursuit of remaining a turn-key leading safety solutions provider. RFT continues to develop new products, software, and other systems that maintain that goal. RFT remains committed to the promise of collaboratively delivering the best, world-class safety and security solutions by leveraging technology and expertise. Excited to be celebrating our 35th anniversary!


About the author:

Grant Zwicke is the lead content writer at RF Technologies and a member of the marketing team. His varied experience includes pharmaceuticals, medical device, specialty chemicals, public health, scientific research, publishing, television entertainment and news media.

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