Hospitals & Clinics

Keeping every patient in mind

Giving Patients and Their Families Peace of Mind

By Integrate hospital & clinic safety onto a single platform to meet your facility’s goals for safety and efficiency. We allow you to save on equipment costs and achieve improved workflow by using the same server and notification devices, enterprise-wide.

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Infant & Pediatric Security

Protecting the Newest Bundles of Joy

SAFE PLACE® Enterprise is an infant and patient protection platform, for pediatric, and patient populations. In Addition, RFT combines highly reliable Radio Frequency Identification technology, and easy-to-use software for hospitals nationwide.

Help Alert Panic button system

Staff Protection

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment for Your Staff

With HELP ALERT® Staff Protection Solution, it utilizes real-time locating technology (RTLS) to discreetly report a staff member’s location to security personnel when assistance is needed. By simply pressing a button, hospital, and clinic staff can quickly and easily notify security teams of their location, ensuring safety with ease.

Patient Wandering

Keeping Patients Safe, Secure, and Right Where They Belong

With CODE ALERT® Wander Management Solution keep wandering residents safe, reducing the risk of elopement, injury, and liability. While residents are monitored via wireless wrist or ankle-style transmitters that promote mobility.

Code Alert 4 bands
Hospital inventory management tag

Equipment Locating & Tracking

Finding Equipment Quickly and Efficiently

In order to save staff time and optimize resource usage with Safe Place Asset Management System, which instantly locates mobile resources to improve productivity and your bottom line.

Fall Management

Keeping Residents and Patients Upright and Safe

By alerting staff in advance of potential fall situations, SENSATEC® is an effective means of reducing fall rate, saving staff time, and cutting costs and liability associated with falls.

flight risk transmitter and box

Flight Risk Monitoring

Help Keep Patients Safe to Receive the Care They Need

For the purpose of reducing the risk of elopement SAFE PLACE® Flight Risk Transmitters keep them safe. Ideally for adult patients requiring a higher level of security protection, the tamper-resistant bands will sound an alarm, lock doors, and/or notify staff when the patient is close to a monitored exit.

Integrated Door & System Access

Making Access Easy

With the intention to clear an alarm or gain access to the system at a monitored exit point, staff members can use card readers. Users can generate activity reports to monitor the system’s activities. Additionally, each exit point can be custom-configured to meet specific security needs.

Integrated Door and system access Card reader

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