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Keeping every patient in mind

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Giving Paitents and their Families Peace of Mind

Integrate hospital and clinic solutions onto a single platform to meet your facility’s goals for safety and efficiency, save on equipment costs and achieve improved workflow by using the same server and notification devices, enterprise-wide.

Infant & Pediatric Security

Protecting the Newest Bundles of Joy

SAFE PLACE® Enterprise is an infant and patient protection platform, pediatric, and patient populations. RFT combines highly reliable Radio Frequency Identification technology, and easy-to-use software for hospitals nationwide.


Staff Protection

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment for Your Customers and Staff

HELP ALERT® uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to locate staff in need of assistance. At the press of a button, HELP ALERT® immediately and discreetly report’s the individual’s location to your security team.

Patient Wandering

Keeping Patients Safe, Secure, and Right Where They Belong

CODE ALERT® Wander Management Solution keeps residents at risk of wandering safe, reducing the risk of elopement, injury, and liability. Residents are monitored via wireless wrist or ankle-style transmitters that promote mobility.

Code Alert 4 bands
flight risk transmitter and box

Flight Risk Monitoring

Help Keep Patients Safe to Receive the Care They Need

SAFE PLACE® Flight Risk Transmitters reduce the risk of elopement and need for one-to-one patient watches. Ideal for adult patients requiring a higher level of security protection, the tamper-resistant bands will sound an alarm, lock doors, and/or notify staff when the patient is close to a monitored exit.

Fall Management

Keeping Residents and Patients Upright and Safe

By alerting staff in advance of potential fall situations, SENSATEC® is an effective means of reducing fall rate, saving staff time, and cutting costs and liability associated with falls.


Equipment Locating & Tracking

Finding Equipment Quickly and Efficiently

Conserve staff time and optimize resource usage with an asset location system. EXACTRACK® instantly locates mobile resources, improving productivity and your bottom line.

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