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Protecting those who need it most since 1987

Keeping patients and residents safe and secure in your healthcare environment has been RF Technologies’ passion for nearly four decades. We combine the latest technology and user-friendly equipment with healthcare knowledge and caregiver feedback. RF Technologies provides solutions that keep people safe and secure, no matter their condition or situation.

Healthcare’s Leading Safety and Security Provider

SAFE PLACE® protecting infants from abduction

SAFE PLACE® Enterprise is an infant and patient protection platform, pediatric, and patient populations. RFT combines highly reliable Radio Frequency Identification technology, and easy-to-use software for hospitals nationwide.

Safe Place Transmitter on Infant

CODE ALERT® protecting seniors every day

When your residents need assistance, you want them to have confidence that help is on the way. CODE ALERT® creates a secure, home-like environment with improved resident safety and reduced liability by providing that confidence.

walker woman_wristband


Our comprehensive and customizable personal safety alert systems are designed to help ensure the safety of residents, patients, staff, students and guests. With a 30+year company history and more than 10,000 installations nationwide, you can rest assured your investment will be supported for years to come. RFT manages your complete experience, including sales, install, go-live and life cycle support.

wander management with code watch from RF Technologies

Wander Management Solutions

CODE ALERT® is a wireless transmitter that broadcasts a silent signal, allowing rapid notifications and alarms.


Infant & Pediatric Security

SAFE PLACE® is easy and automated. Help protect infants and children without interfering with everyday workflow


Mobile Panic Solution

HELP ALERT® uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to immediately locate staff in need of assistance.

Sensatec fall management solution uses sensor pads for wheelchairs or beds

Fall Management Solution

SENSATEC® is RFT’s most advanced and economical fall management solution, offering numerous options in a single alarm unit.

asset tracking with Exactrack

Equipment Tracking

EXACTRACK® instantly locates mobile resources, improving productivity and your bottom line.

Service is the Heart of RFT

With 30+ years of experience and numerous product firsts in patient security and safety, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Glen Jonas, states, “At RF Technologies the most valuable thing we earn is trust, supporting our customers in their mission to provide the highest quality care via the latest trends in wireless technology.”

What we offer our customers

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Find the Right Solution for Every Need

Wander Management

CODE ALERT® transmitters are worn around the wrist or ankle reducing wandering for residents at risk for wandering. Providing exit monitoring.

Wander Management

Emergency Call

CODE ALERT® offers wireless call stations and pendants that enable residents to summon for help with a press of a button or a pull of the cord.

Emergency Call

Fall Management

SENSATEC® provides a simple fall prevention solution that helps them do just that. Developing solutions that keep people safe and increase staff efficiency.

Fall Management
RF Technologies is headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, USA

Our Mission

Our sole focus is to develop solutions that help ensure the safety of residents, patients, guests, students and staff in senior living communities, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments and educational institutions throughout the U.S. With a solid company history and more than 10,000 installations; you can rest assured your investment will be supported for years to come.

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