Fall Prevention, Increasing Safety


Reducing Falls, Increasing Safety

Why Choose Sensatec Fall Prevention?

If your residents or patients are at risk for falls, the SENSATEC® Fall Prevention solution creates a safer, more cost-effective environment. Our restraint-free solution was created by resident and patient security experts and the most dependable, discreet, and reputable option in the market.

Designed for Hospitals and Senior Living Environments

Our sole focus is developing solutions that keep people safe, improve care and increase staff efficiency. Your staff needs to focus on caring for patients, allow SENSATEC® to provide a simple fall prevention solution that helps them do just that.

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Flexible Design Options

SENSATEC’s® comprehensive lineup of fall management alarms has been developed to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Each is interchangeable with coordinating bed or chair pads. Developed to fit the diverse needs of healthcare facilities and senior living facilities.

Fall Monitor Features & Benefits

  • Audible alarm options: choose from eight melodies, eight tones, or a 10-second voice recording
  • Alarm delay can be selected for zero, one, two, or four seconds
  • Adjustable volume for different proximity to staff: Low, Medium, High, or Silent
  • Alarm units undergo rigorous quality testing and have a 1-year warranty
  • Optional AC adapter
ST710 Sensatec Alarm

Free Resident Safety Evaluation

We are offering a Free Resident Safety Evaluation to support and empower our elders in senior living communities.


Easy-to-use Automated Operation

Start using the product right away. SENSATEC® is easy to operate and involves minimal staff training.

  • The auto-on feature automatically begins monitoring immediately after a patient is positioned on a bed or chair sensor pad
  • The auto-reset feature intuitively resets the unit when a patient’s weight is reapplied to the pad

Fall Management Solution

SENSATEC® can be used with bed and chair sensor pads or floor mat sensors to customize for each patient. Sensor options easily connect to the alarm unit, which automatically detects pad or floor mat mode. The alarm unit can easily hang or hook on beds, chairs, or wheelchairs. An optional wall hanger is also available for stationary use.



Comfortable, no-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for short in-patient stays or longer-term monitoring.

Emergency Call Systems

An economical solution for safety, security, and peace of mind.

Image of ST9000 LoRa Nurse Call System offered by RF Technologies

ST9000 LoRa Nurse Call System

SENSATEC® ST9000 LORA (Long Range) is an out-of-the-box, easy to set-up, and economical wireless emergency nurse call system for individuals seeking peace of mind and immediate assistance during emergencies.

SA9000 LoRa Emergency Call System

School ALERT!™ SA9000 LORA (Long Range) a simple and effective, out-of-the-box wireless emergency call system for educators that addresses school safety concerns and is easy to set-up and cost-effective.

Image of the SA9000 LoRa Staff Duress Alert System by RF Technologies
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