Emergency & Nurse Call Solutions

Critical alert nurse call system

Keeping Residents Present and Accounted For

When your residents need assistance, you want them to know help is on the way. RFT’s Quick Response® Wireless Nurse Call Solution with enhanced CODE ALERT® software creates a secure, home-like environment with improved resident safety, increased staff efficiency, and reduced liability.

UL 1069 & UL 2560 Certified Wireless Nurse Call Solution

To meet the growing need for a wireless UL 1069 nurse call system, RFT has created Quick Response® Pro. After multiple months of third-party testing, Quick Response Pro achieved UL 1069 certification to ensure the safety, durability, and performance of the system. Quick Response Pro is managed by our CODE ALERT Enterprise software, which also acts as the central call annunciation panel. Read the press release.

RFT offers multiple lines of Quick Response Nurse Call Systemsto match the size and needs of your facility. Our safety experts can recommend the right system for you. Request a Free Demo today.

Room-Level Detection Solution

Central computer stations display alerts that show the resident’s location details on a community map. Staff can be easily notified via pagers, CODE ALERT® displays or wireless phones that show text messages or emails. The flexibility of our location detection feature enables you to choose a solution that best accommodates your community and workflow. During installation, coverage areas are “mapped” with survey points, so when a pendant is activated, its location can be accurately calculated based on its comparison to mapped points.

Room Level Detection capabilities with Code Alert and Safe Place

Effective Technology

CODE ALERT® offers wireless call pendants that enable residents to summon help with the press of a button. The pendant can be worn around the neck or strapped to the wrist. When activated, care staff are alerted to the resident’s location, thereby improving staff efficiency.

Flexible Solution

The Nurse Call solution can stand alone or be integrated on a single software platform to create a customizable solution. Multiple emergency call station options give residents more confidence and greater mobility. From Nurse call buttons to nurse call pull cords their are all different options for your facility. Low-profile devices enable residents to call for assistance from anywhere while blending into a home-like décor. Be prepared with a critical alert nurse call system.

Code Alert Nurse Call Stations with button, pull cords, and more that wirelessly signal for help from the device to the nurse station.
Image of ST9000 LoRa Nurse Call System offered by RF Technologies

Out-of-the-Box Safety: The ST9000 LoRa Nurse Call System

SENSATEC® ST9000 LoRa (Long Range) Nurse Call System: Your Ultimate Solution for Peace of Mind and Immediate Assistance during Emergencies. Experience the Ease of Setup, Affordability, and Seamless Operation of ST9000 LoRa, the Wireless Emergency Nurse Call System Designed to Provide Prompt Assistance and Enhanced Safety.

Your Connection to Safety: Where Every Call Counts

Quick Response Fall Detection Sensor Image

Integrated System

Quick Response Fall Detection fully integrates with existing Nurse Call systems providing residents with dignified and camera-free fall protection. The system provides real-time fall detection, prevents long lies, and alerts of latent falls, that often go unreported.

The fall prevention monitor minimizes liability by eliminating negligence-related litigation, regulatory fines, and higher insurance costs. In addition, the monitoring system ensures rapid fall response that is 30 minutes earlier, on average, versus a facility that lacks a system.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates nurse call and wander management solutions on a single platform. It provides your staff with the ability to connect from anywhere. Staff can then respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

This software is supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. This optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools, the Quality Dashboard Module identifies the true performance of your system and staff, helping you identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Code Alert Enterprise Resident

Quality Dashboards

CODE ALERT® and SENSATEC® integrate with your other senior living solutions, helping you save on equipment costs and improve workflow by using the same server and notification devices.

As with our Enterprise Software, CODE ALERT® and SENSATEC® are supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. This optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools to identifies the true performance of your system and staff.

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