Keeping Newborns, Staff, and your equipment safe and secure


Keeping Newborns Safe and Your Reputation Secure with Infant Protection

Why Choose RF Technologies SAFE PLACE®?

SAFE PLACE® keeps patients safe thanks to a holistic approach to infant protection. Fusing traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology, SAFE PLACE makes sure your little ones remain safe, secure, and right where they belong. Intuitive software ensures no disruptions to your maternity ward’s everyday workflow.

Specifically Designed for Hospitals and Maternity Wards

First in the industry with an RFID infant security system, RFT’s SAFE PLACE® has protected countless infants since 1993. Developed by nurses for nurses, Safe Place is customizable to your hospital’s unique security needs. Protect infant and pediatric patients without interfering with everyday workflow.

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"It’s an upgrade that we’ve been trying to do for a while.” -Stephanie Taylor

The transmitter allows staff to track the infant’s location in the ward on their computers and sounds an alarm if the child gets too close to the elevators or fire escape doors, said Stephanie Taylor, a registered nurse.


Smart Sense® Technology with Cut-band Protection

Used with the Infant Security System, our patented Smart Sense technology has multiple methods of tamper detection. Sensing when the transmitter is loose or no longer in contact with the infant and staff, are notified.

  • Softest, most comfortable banding in the market that won’t cut or chafe fragile skin.
  • Tighten or loosen bands without needing to replace, saving time and money.
  • Available in pre-cut lengths to save time and reduce waste
The Industry's First RFID Infant Security System.

SAFE PLACE® has been protecting infants since RF Technologies introduced the first RFID infant security system in 1993. Longer than any other company.

Safe Place from RF Technologies is a wholistic Infant Security System
Leading Provider in Infant Security
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Adaptive to Existing Systems

Safe Place Bands and Umbilical

Infant Protection and Patient Security Solution

Patients wear small, lightweight transmitters that continuously “check-in” with the system. Therefore if a patient is too close to a monitored exit or door lock, then an alarm sounds, and staff members are instantly notified, all via their wireless devices.

Asset Management

Asset management systems add quantifiable ROI for hospital systems. It is not enough to just know what assets you have, you need to know where those assets are located. Organizations with mobile asset equipment should know where their assets are at all times.

The SAFE PLACE Asset Management is fully scalable to meet any healthcare facility’s needs. Tagging equipment is intuitive, the tag can be adhered using double-sided tape or a zip tie. Adding a new asset to the Seeker Search Engine is easy and is accomplished by simply scanning the QR code. The Asset Locating tag is low impact. It is the smallest active asset tag on the market.

Hospital inventory management tag

Elopement Management Solution

SAFE PLACE® transmitters worn around the wrist or ankle can reduce elopement while supporting caregiver workflow. Our comprehensive solution provides the latest in discreet exit monitoring for infant and pediatric security. SAFE PLACE® reduces the risk of patient abductions and related situations through safe and reliable exit monitoring for patients wearing small, lightweight transmitters.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates infant, pediatric, and elopement management solutions on a single platform. Staff can respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app, or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

This software is supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. In addition, this optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools and identifies the true performance of your system and staff. Helping you identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency.


Umbilical Cord Transmitter

Immediately following delivery, a nurse activates the transmitter to enroll the infant. Then applies the clamp to the umbilical cord stump. The transmitter remains on the infant for the duration of the baby’s hospital stay. There is no need to adjust or remove it until the baby goes home.

  • Attached to standard umbilical cord clamps, no proprietary banding is required
  • Communicates with Alarming Band Receivers and antennas

Staff Protection Solutions

SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Solutions is a panic button that gives employees peace of mind that if they need it, help is on the way at the touch of a button.

  • Real-time locating system (RTLS)
  • Not dependent on facility WiFi
  • Scalable: easily expand the system as needed
  • PoE or local USB power for Gateways
  • Small, Compact, and discreet buttons with multiple wearing options
Safe Place Staff Protection Solution button

Baby Check™

The Baby Check™ transmitter is used in conjunction with an Infant transmitter. The transmitter is lightweight and compact. The wireless SAFE PLACE® Baby Check™ provides an added layer of protection against human error and a potential mismatch, reducing a hospital’s liability and giving patients added peace of mind.

  • A small transmitter is mounted outside the mother’s room that corresponds with the Safe Place transmitter already secured on her infant.
  • When a baby is brought to the door, nurses press the check button; a green light flashes on the Baby Check transmitter to indicate a match.
  • In the case of a mismatch, a red light will flash to notify the nurse.
RFT CARES™ Enterprise app

The RFT CARES™ Enterprise app connects with our Enterprise software that powers infant and pediatric security.

Connect our Enterprise Software to Staff Mobile Devices to Enable:
  • Faster & More Precise Responses to Alerts
  • Improved Accuracy on Care Reporting
  • Requesting Assistance Without Leaving Patient’s Room
RFT cares mobile app showing need assistance alert

What Makes SAFE PLACE® Stand Out Compared to Others?

Safe Place enterprise software on iPhone


The SAFE PLACE® system immediately alerts staff through software and has a variety of optional mobile devices in the event that:

  • A transmitter is near an exit
  • There is a mother-baby mismatch
  • There is an unauthorized attempt to remove a patient from a monitored area
  • Banding is loose, cut, tampered with, or removed
  • A transmitter has not “checked in” with the system

Independent System

SAFE PLACE® is a non-exciter-based system. Meaning essential components operate independently from a server. So, in the event of a server shut-down:

  • Transmitters, Omni Antennas, Alarming Band Receivers, and DouLink Antennas all still work
  • If a transmitter is to close, the door or elevator at a monitored exit will lock and/or deactivate with a local alarm
  • Staff is notified of unauthorized patient movement at exit controllers and Staff Alert panels
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Why Not Wifi

The Wi-Fi hype is perhaps the most damaging and costly in the health care industry. Therefore, stands to gain significant advantages from applications of real-time tracking technology. Here are the most common problems you will see in wifi based systems;

  • Poor Location Determination
  • Wifi Access Point Can’t Triangulate
  • Access Points-Not Enough and in Wrong Places
  • Noise

Safe Place® System in Place to Help Prevent Baby Kidnappings at Hospitals

David Neal, of Arcadia Methodist Hospital near Los Angeles. Showed Inside Edition the SAFE PLACE® system, which is used in their hospital and many other hospitals to prevent abductions.