Fall Management

Reducing Risks and Quickly Alerting Staff

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Setting the Scene

Keeping Residents and Patients Upright and Safe

If your residents or patients are at risk for falls, RFT creates a safer, more cost-effective environment with our fall management solutions. Our restraint-free solution, Sensatec, was created by resident and patient security experts. It is the most dependable, discreet, and reputable option in the market.

Our sole focus is on developing solutions that keep people safe, improve care and increase staff efficiency. Your staff needs to focus on caring for patients—RFT provides a simple and highly effective solution that helps them do just that.

Effective Technology

RFT’s solution can be customized for each resident with bed and chair sensor pads or floor mat sensors. Sensor options easily connect to the alarm unit, which automatically detects pad or floor mat mode. Our alarm unit can easily hang or hook on beds, chairs or wheelchairs. An optional wall hanger is also available for stationary use.

Sensatec Fall Management

Customized Solution

A voice message from a loved one can be recorded to encourage residents to wait for help. Alerts can also be customized with eight tones or melodies. Staff can be notified through our nurse call system and move quickly to assist the resident if necessary. We even offer a silenced alarm option to notify staff if an issue arises.

Keeping Residents and Patients Comfortable

Comfortable, no-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for short, in-patient stays or for long-term monitoring. Large chair and over-sized bed pads cover more surface area for fewer false alarms. Pads are durable and latex-free and available in two styles.

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Reliable Patient Monitoring

Designed for maximum uptime in real-world conditions, RFT’s Fall Management solutions SENSATEC, alarm units are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

  • Alarm units include a standard 1-year warranty
  • Alarm units easily hook or hang on beds, chairs or wheelchairs
  • Post-sale 24/7 technical support

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