Senior Living Fall Management Solutions

Detecting, Alarming, and Quickly Alerting Staff

Keeping Residents and Patients Safe During Fall Events

RFT’s senior living Fall Management Solutions create a safer, more cost-effective environment.

Our camera-free, fall detection solution, addresses long lies and latent falls. The Fall risk management systems provides comprehensive coverage to promote better health outcomes, effectively staff facilities, and eliminate negligence-related litigation.

Different types of fall prevention devices to fit anyone's needs

Fixed Sensor

Fixed, Room-Specific Fall Detection

CODE ALERT Quick Response Fall Detection protects seniors and respects their dignity without the use of cameras.

Additionally, the monitoring system ensures a rapid fall response that is 30 minutes earlier, on average, versus a facility that lacks a system. With the fall detection solution uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, along with 4D point cloud sensor technology to monitor patients 24/7 and issue alerts, in real-time, to caregivers through Code Alert Enterprise Software.

Quick Response Fall Detection Sensor Image

Effective Technology

RFT’s Fall Detection is built around state-of-the-art touchless technology that monitors seniors.

Fall prevention in assisted living facilities is crucial. If a fall occurs, RFT’s senior living Fall Management solutions device alerts help. Using optics-free radio frequency technology, Fall Detection provides 24/7 monitoring that works in all lighting conditions including, dense steam and high humidity. Moreover, Code Alert software analyzes a 4D point cloud model that protects seniors and respects their privacy.


Fall Detection Pendent Device

Advanced technology automatically alerts you when a resident may have fallen, even if they’re unable to press their pendant button

Advanced wearable technology automatically alerts when a resident falls, even if they’re unable to manually activate a nurse call, through Code Alert Enterprise software.

Fall Detection Pendant
fall management solutions Pendent on lade with group

Effective Technology

The wearable tech detects falls and alerts nursing staff even if the resident can’t activate nurse call.
  • Faster response times
  • High-Risk Event Awareness
  • Care Intervention Planning
  • Better Resident Outcomes

Pads & Alarms

Keeping Residents and Patients Comfortable

RFT’s comfortable, no-slip, bed, chair, and floor sensor pads can be customized for each resident, regardless of the duration of stay.

Our durable and latex-free large chair and oversized bed pads cover more surface area, reducing the number of false alarms. As well as our sensors easily connect to the alarm unit, automatically detecting pad or floor mat mode. With this in mind, our alarm unit easily hangs or hooks onto beds, chairs, or wheelchairs. Optional wall hangers are available for stationary use.


Customized Solution

A voice message from a loved one can be recorded to encourage residents to wait for help.

Alerts can also be customized with eight tones or melodies. Not to mention staff can be notified through our nurse call system and move quickly to assist the resident if necessary. Furthermore, we even offer a silenced alarm option to notify staff if an issue arises.

Reliable Patient Monitoring

Designed for maximum uptime in real-world conditions, RFT’s Fall Management solutions SENSATEC, alarm units are manufactured to the highest quality specifications.

  • Alarm units include a standard 1-year warranty
  • Alarm units easily hook or hang on beds, chairs or wheelchairs
  • Post-sale 24/7 technical support
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Fall Management Solutions

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