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PinPoint your Staff


Securing Your Staff in Times of Crisis with a Panic Button System

Ready to keep your building SECURE, your people SAFE, and give your community PEACE OF MIND?


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Empower your staff to provide a safe learning experience for students.


Let us keep your staff safe so they can focus on giving their best care to their patients.


Inspire staff by prioritizing their well-being with a simple touch of a button.

A reliable and effective way to an all-inclusive mobile staff duress system.

Why Help Alert

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Prioritize the well-being of your staff, visitors, and buildings with Help Alert.

Staff Panic Button software

Help Alert can be your solution for:

  • Crisis management
  • Playground and school accidents
  • Verbal or behavioral disruptions
  • Daily violence with bullying and fights
  • Daily medical instances
  • Unauthorized personnel on property
  • Harassment to staff
  • Lone worker protection

Innovative Design Fob

  • Multi-button, multi-notification fob vs. single-button multi-notification card
  • Know what to push for a low-level alert for day-to-day assistance
  • Know what to push for a high-level alert for crisis management
  • Multi-color LED for visual feedback
  • Tactile feedback, when activated
  • Replace the battery, not the fob (The Help Alert Management System detects when battery life is low)
staff assist button


3d-id system

3D-iD® pinpoint locating allows you to support staff safety without floor hopping by ensuring precise location tracking down to several feet. Receive accurate device location continuously from alert activation to resolution.

  • A virtual 3D model of the physical environment is constructed from XYZ coordinates
  • 3D-iD pinpoint location is enabled through an innovative wireless positioning system
  • Composed of low-power electronic devices with embedded RF radio transmitter and receiver antennas
  • Updated location detection on the move
  • Preventive vs. reactive action

RTLS (Real-Time Locating System)

Once an alert is activated, the panic button system software enables detailed location tracking via security monitors and mobile devices, allowing security staff to intervene before a situation escalates to violence.

  • Support staff safety
  • Provides location data for quick response
  • Updated location detection on the move
  • Preventive vs. reactive action

When accuracy and reliability matter, Help Alert removes the risk of human error with its intuitive design of the Help Alert panic button system.

Panic Button System by Help Alert

The help Alert panic button system provides real-time alerting and locating.

  • Immediate awareness and location
  • Web (server side), desktop, and mobile (client side)
  • The core software resides on a server
  • User management, location mapping, and alert and device configuration occur on this level
  • Management dashboard for easy monitoring
  • Battery life detection
  • LDAP capability for fast deployment and setup
Help Alert Panic button system

Put your mind at ease with Help Alert

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TIPS awarded Vendor for panic button