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Setting Standards in Safety and Security

CEO, Founder

Glen Jonas

Setting the Standard in Safety and Security for Those That Need It Most

For over 35 years, we have helped define senior care by developing technologically advanced solutions that improve the safety and security of individuals in hospital and senior living environments. The increased safety and security have helped our clients in the senior living market. By reducing risk and liability, improve staff efficiency and excellence all while boosting the satisfaction of residents, families, and caregivers.

Capitalizing on our expertise in senior care, we set our sights on protecting the smallest patients possible. Always innovating, we created new technology to specifically protect newborns. While giving their families increased peace of mind during their hospital stay. By consistently improving newborn security for our clients, we help them experience enhanced reputations, optimized workflows, and happier patients.

RFT has learned through the years that everyone deserves to be safe. Working with our customers and seeing their needs, we have been able to work with them and create solutions that not only keep people safe but also help the staff. Being able to create user-friendly software and technology that not only helps patients but also caregivers. Allowing for everyone to have peace of mind when it comes to their safety.

Our founding

Founder and current owner, Glen F. Jonas, organized the company in Milwaukee, WI. With the mission to provide security products for healthcare markets using RF technology and wireless monitoring and controls.

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First customer acquisition

LASATA Nursing Home (Cedarburg, WI), became RFT’s first customer with its purchase of our Wander Management Solution.

Fall prevention pioneers

The first version of a fall prevention product was developed (patented with 17 claims) under the CODE ALERT® label. Work began on the industry’s first RFID infant security system: SAFE PLACE® Infant Security Solution with alarming band.

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First RFID infant security system in market

A new wireless nurse call system – Quick Response® – was released for use in assisted living and senior care communities. RFT goes to market with the first RFID infant security solution sold into hospitals.

Fewer falls, safer infants

The SENSATEC® Fall Management product line, designed to alert staff members of potential fall risk before an incident, was introduced. Additionally, RFT introduces Alarming Band Technology for infant security.

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RFT grows and diversifies

RFT entered the Real-Time Locationing Systems (RTLS) asset tracking marketplace with the acquisition of PinPoint Company of Boston, MA.

Reducing risk by reducing elopement

The SAFE PLACE® Elopement Management Solution was launched to reduce elopement risk in emergency departments and acute care.

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Educating an industry

New clinical education and development teams were put in place to help customers learn and launch their SAFE PLACE® systems.

Discreetly limiting wandering

CODE WATCH® transmitter released – a discreet, lightweight and water-resistant transmitter for our Wander Management Solution.

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More innovation

CODE ALERT® Quick Response Premiere Wireless Call Solution receives certification to ANSI/UL 1069. Edition 7 for Hospital signaling and nurse call equipment. HELP ALERT® staff duress solution and EXACTRACK® asset management solution are introduced.

Keeping more seniors safe

Rebranded CODE ALERT® Wireless Call Solution into three distinct options: Quick Response® Premiere, Plus and S – enabling senior living communities to customize a solution to meet their unique needs.

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Wander management at your fingertips

Introduced the Touchpad Exit Controller (TEC) for monitoring doors in CODE ALERT® Wander Management and SAFE PLACE® systems. A discreet, LED touchpad turns off when not in use, helping the controller blends into the environment.

Wireless panic button makes history

The first notable sexual harassment case occurred at the Sofitel Hotel in NYC, marking the most significant moment in the wireless panic button industry’s history. The Sofitel later became the first hotel to adopt a sexual harassment alert system, which was coincidently HelpAlert.

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We’ve got an app for that

The sleek Quick Touch® pendant began offering improved aesthetics and peace of mind for residents. While the new RFT Cares® smartphone app enables caregivers to receive, acknowledge and classify alarms efficiently. Quick Response® Prime Wireless Nurse Call Solution was introduced to deliver the benefits of a fully-featured system at an affordable price to modest-sized senior living communities.

30 years of setting the standard of care

RFT celebrated our 30th year in business. Always focusing on providing innovative safety and security solutions for healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and education customers.

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A trusted partnership grows

Carlton Senior Living expanded partnership with RFT to provide the latest in wireless life safety solution for its residents, promoting top-level care for its 11 communities.

Enterprise software solutions launch

RFT announced the new CODE ALERT® and SAFE PLACE® Enterprise software platform enhancing staff and facility efficiency while directly enabling improved resident safety and security. Also introduced the Umbilical Transmitter option for the SAFE PLACE® infant security solution. RFT became part of the AHLA 5-Star Promise approved vendor list, serving hospitality properties across the United States.

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RFT story 2020 RFT introduced flight risk

Flight Risk Monitoring

Introduced the SAFE PLACE® Flight Risk Transmitters that reduce the risk of elopement and the need for one-to-one patient watches. Ideal for adult patients requiring a higher level of security protection, the tamper-resistant bands will sound an alarm, lock doors, and/or notify staff when the patient is close to a monitored exit.

Cover More Ground with PinPoint

PinPoint, a division of RFT launched Help Alert. Using BLE-LoRa technology we cover exterior and interior spaces with better signal reliability and coverage.

RFT story 2021 RFT Help Alert XL
year 2022 with RFT fall, asset, and staff protection products

A Year of Innovation

The year was defined by three new product launches in the hospital and senior living markets. The new innovations include a device for protecting hospital staff, alerting caregivers when a senior falls, and locating equipment using a simple and small tag. 

Fall Detection Portfolio Expands

RFT continued to lead the way in reducing falls in senior living communities.  An advanced, wearable pendant was introduced and integrated into RFT’s nurse call system that can automatically detect and alert if a resident has fallen, even if they cannot press their pendant button.

2023 saw new fall device for RFT