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Maintaining Open Communication with Your Staff

Making sure your staff is protected and safe is critical. RFT’s SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Solutions is a panic button that gives employees peace of mind that if they needed it, help is on the way at the touch of a button. Running on the SAFE PLACE Enterprise Software allows you to connect all of your SAFE PLACE solutions.

Make Sure Your Hospital is a SAFE PLACE

Staff Protection has fast response

Fast Response

Staff Protection runs on Bluetooth

Bluetooth Functionality

Staff Protection have room-level locating

Room-Level Locating

Safe Place staff protection is a scalable solution

Scalable Solution

Staff Protection has a user friendly software

User-Friendly Software

staff protection wearable options

Help at Your Fingertips

SAFE PLACE uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to immediately locate staff in need of assistance. At the press of a button, the staff protection system immediately and discreetly reports the individual’s location to your security team.


  • Enables a fast response when needed most
  • Can be activated anywhere, including areas video systems cannot capture
  • Multiple wearing options: fits in a pocket, wear around the wrist, and attaches to ID lanyards

How It Works

SAFE PLACE Staff Protection System works with a button gateways and software

Gateways-Locator Beacons

Staff protection gateway locator beacons

Simple User-Friendly Software

The Safe Place Staff Protection system works on a browser-based software that all SAFE PLACE solutions use. The software runs seamlessly on many different workstations and devices. This system allows for alarms to stay visible and up to date so that if a person is on the move it is visible on the system.

SAFE PLACE Staff Protection Software
Staff Protection social work act

Growing Concerns

The growing amount of workplace violence has shown that there is an increasing need for staff protection systems. Becuase of these growing concerns the 2021 Congress passed H.R. 1195, the Workplace Violence Prevention for Health Care and Social Service Workers Act. Showing to the people that there needs to change and there should be systems in place to help staff.

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