Senior Living Safety Solutions

A secure environment is crucial to residents

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Giving Residents and their Families Peace of Mind

Since 1987, RFT has designed and delivered customizable wireless safety and security solutions for senior living facilities to ensure they remain safe and friendly environments. With RFT’s advanced technology, senior living residents and their families have peace of mind, staff work more efficiently and facility liability is minimized.

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Nurse & Emergency Call

Keeping Residents Present and Accounted For

RFT’s Quick Response® Wireless Nurse Call Solution with enhanced CODE ALERT® software creates a secure, home-like environment with improved resident safety, increased staff efficiency, and reduced liability. Allowing for senior living safety to be as easy as pushing a button or pulling a cord.

Code Alert 4 bands

Patient Wandering

Keeping Patients Safe, Secure, and Right Where They Belong

CODE ALERT® Wander Management Solution keeps residents at risk of wandering safe, reducing the risk of elopement, injury, and liability. Residents are monitored via wireless wrist or ankle-style transmitters that promote mobility.

Room-Level Detection

Accurate Locating When Help is Needed

When a resident calls for help or lingers near an exit, their name, room number and location are promptly transmitted to caregivers so they can respond quickly to the resident’s location. Our software can deliver alarms to many different devices for a custom communication solution.

Room Level Detection capabilities with Code Alert and Safe Place

Fall Management

Keeping Residents and Patients Upright and Safe

SENSATEC® can alert staff in advance of potential fall situations. Creating an effective means of reducing fall rate, saving staff time, and cutting costs and liability associated with falls.

Activity Monitoring

Ensuring Freedom Without Sacrificing Safety

Wireless passive monitoring sensors can be placed around a resident’s room or apartment, permanently or temporarily as needed. Motion sensors provide daily check-in functions when residents get up for the day.


Environment Monitoring

Keeping a Resident’s Surroundings Safe and Secure

The Quick Response® Plus environmental sensors can save staff time and help ensure better care by alerting staff to situations where residents may need assistance.

Integrated Door & System Access

Making Secure Access Easy

Staff members can use card readers to clear an alarm or gain access to the system at a monitored exit point. Monitor and generate an activity report by user to help monitor your system’s activities. Plus, have the ability to custom-configure each exit point.

Integrated Door and system access Card reader
Temperature Scanner Solution from RFT - the Thermo scanner

Thermal Temperature Screening

Proactively protect the people around you from COVID-19. This intelligent employee and visitor screening solution is a contactless way to measure an individual’s forehead temperature. If temperature is elevated, it provides a warning — and uses facial recognition to detect if the person is wearing a mask.

Free Resident Safety Evaluation

We are offering a Free Resident Safety Evaluation to support and empower our elders in senior living communities.