Passive Monitoring

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Setting the Scene

Always on the Job

We know you want to be there for your patients and residents around the clock. But when that simply isn’t possible, RFT provides the finest passive monitoring solutions for the healthcare and senior living industries. These solutions, which incorporate both activity and environment monitoring, ensure your patients and residents remain safe and secure no matter the time of day, while saving your staff time and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates resident, patient and elopement management solutions on a single platform. It provides your staff with the ability to connect from anywhere. Staff can then respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

This software is supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. This optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools and identifies the true performance of your system and staff, helping you identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Code Alert Enterprise Software for Senior Living and Senior Care facilities

Environment Monitoring Solution

The Quick Response® Plus environmental sensors can save your staff time and help ensure better care by alerting them to situations where residents may need assistance. Temperature sensors send a notification when they detect that the ambient temperature for the environment being monitored is outside the pre-defined threshold. Additionally, water detectors are environmentally safe and provide early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances or standing water not limited to hurricanes or flooding.

Activity Monitoring Solution

Wireless passive monitoring sensors can be placed around a resident’s room or apartment, permanently or temporarily as needed. All information is reported in CODE ALERT® Enterprise software, allowing staff to learn resident patterns and note changes that may call for additional care. Motion sensors provide daily check-in functions when residents get up for the day. A missed check-in will alert staff to check on the resident.

Depending on resident needs, staff can either monitor a situation or intervene promptly, as necessary.


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