Securing Your Staff with a Panic Button System


Securing Your Staff in Times of Crisis with a Panic Button System

Why Choose RF Technologies Help Alert?

Tragically, in settings such as hospitals, schools, and hotels workplace violence remains an increasing threat. With just the press of a button, HELP ALERT’s® Mobile Panic Alarm provides employees with peace of mind that if they need it, help is on the way.

Wireless Panic Alert System

Give your employees peace of mind that, if they need it, help is on the way at the touch of a button

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Giving Peace of Mind in Chaotic Situations

HELP ALERT® uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) designed to locate staff in need of assistance. By pressing the button on a pendant-style mobile panic alarm, HELP ALERT® immediately and discreetly reports the individual’s location to your security team.

  • StaffSecurity
    Support Staff Safety

  • Addressmap-01
    Provides Instant Location Data

  • Stopwatch
    Help Resolve Conflicts before They Escalate

  • Fast and Easy to implement: no wires, cables, or conduit required
  • Uses existing Wi-Fi network: no Internet or cellular connection needed
  • Non-intrusive with minimal IT effort
  • Multiple levels of alerting right from wireless pendant:
    • Standard, more frequent “HELP” request (medical, student fight, etc.)
    • High-Level, less frequent notifications (“lockdown”)
Customized Alerts & Responses

Help Alert is Designed to be Customized to how your facility operates and what your staff needs. Integrate your existing security cameras or two-way radios with the Help Alert system to enhance real-time communication. A comprehensive audio and visual connection enables quicker and more accurate response as situations change. Having a reliable crisis management system ready to support you is a vital tool for maintaining a safe environment.

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Strobe Lights

Phone Systems

Security Cameras

Walkie Talkies

Simple, Efficient Software = Fast Responses!

Mobile panic alarms enable security teams to locate staff even if they’re on the move, unlike fixed panic buttons or repeater-based systems.

Once an Alarm is activated, the system software enables detailed location tracking via security monitors and mobile devices. This allows security staff to intervene before the situation escalates for a comprehensive crisis management response.

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The Pendant

HELP ALERT has a wireless pendant with an innovative recessed button design that minimizes “accidental” presses. With multiple wearing option, it fits in pockets, clips to belts /pockets, and attaches to ID lanyards.

  • Multi-color LED for visual feedback
  • Built-in buzzer for tactile feedback
  • Multiple-Wear Options
  • Tamper-resistant Case
  • Multiple-Alerting Capability
  • Two AAA Lithium Batteries
Pinpoint Location Accuracy

3D-iD PinPoint® locating is enabled through an innovative wireless positioning system that sends locating data via Wi-Fi to a networked computer. There, a virtual 3D model of the physical environment is constructed. Identifying the position of the person in real-time. Mobile panic alarms enable security teams to locate staff even if they are on the move, unlike fixed panic buttons or repeater-based systems.

3D-iD technology from RFT provides pinpoint accuracy locating by using XYZ coordinates within a 3D model
Mobile Panic Alarm Solution

The multi-mode feature provides the flexibility for a user to call for assistance from local responders, or generate a high priority alarm in a worst-case scenario. The HELP ALERT® desktop application features an always-active service on a user’s computer to ensure the alarm is acknowledged quickly.

Case Studies

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The RF Technologies team has been the best company that we’ve had in here. No hassles. No problems.

Adam Rittel

Property Manager - Heartland Health


We found the system to provide more than we anticipated. The data collection & the graphic system interface have empowered our administration team.

Nicholas Falcon

Principal - Westmoreland Intermediate Unit (WIU) Crossroads School

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