Healthcare Staff Duress System

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Making Sure Your Staff Feel Safe

The RFT Help Alert system offers an intuitive staff duress solution with features like 3D-iD® pinpoint locating, multi-button fob design, and real-time alerts. With a healthcare staff duress system ensures swift response and prioritizing the safety of healthcare staff in crisis situations.

Real-Time Locating

The real-time locating feature empowers healthcare professionals with instant and precise locating tracking, ensuring swift response and intervention in critical situations.

Fast Response

Ensuring a fast response to emergencies, safeguarding healthcare professionals, and giving them peace of mind that if they need help, help is on its way.

3D-iD Floor Mapping

Revolutionizing safety in healthcare settings, 3D-iD flooring mapping provides comprehensive visibility of staff members, allowing real-time location with in-room accuracy, ensuring a proactive and informed approach to security.

Security Camera Integration

Discover the seamless integration of security cameras within healthcare settings, revolutionizing safety measures by enhancing surveillance capabilities for comprehensive monitoring of safety protocols.


3D-iD pinpoint locating allows you to support staff safety without floor hopping by ensuring precise location tracking down to several feet. As a result, receive accurate device location continuously from alert activation to resolution.

• A virtual 3D model of the physical environment is constructed from XYZ coordinates
• 3D-iD pinpoint location is enabled through an innovative wireless positioning system
• Composed of low-power electronic devices with embedded RF radio transmitter and receiver antennas
• Updated location detection on the move
• Preventive vs. reactive action

Healthcare Staff Duress system 3D-ID
Help Alert for Healthcare Help inside and Out

With Help Alert, you can ensure comprehensive coverage both inside and outside your hospital premises, addressing the increasing security concerns in parking lots faced by healthcare workers. In addition, the system not only prioritizes staff safety but also provides a sense of security throughout the entire campus. Its unique capability sets it apart, offering unmatched coverage that instills confidence and peace of mind.

Help Alert software

Help Alert is designed to keep your spaces secure and your staff safe.


55% of healthcare workers said they had been physically assaulted, with a third of those resulting in injuries.


68% of healthcare workers have reported experiencing verbal abuse while working with patients.


26% of healthcare workers said they are considering leaving their jobs because of workplace violence.

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