The Senior Care Staffing Crisis: Seeking Sustainable Solutions

Learn about the core challenges for communities

The Senior Care Staffing Crisis: Seeking Sustainable Solutions

As the senior living sector continues to weather the storm of a severe staffing crisis, this webinar discusses the root causes, operational impacts, and potential solutions.

During the web event, you will be given a first look at the findings of a recently conducted survey among industry professionals in the United States, as well as, shedding light on the tools and technologies that caregivers are demanding to improve staff efficiency and retention.

Learn valuable insight into the key challenges of senior care staffing, and how fall management solutions can help.

See the ways in which technology, with unprecedented accuracy, can help to address these challenges. By analyzing the responses of industry professionals, our industry thought leaders will help you understand the tools and technologies that are most urgently needed in the senior living sector.

Understand how fall management solutions can reduce staff turnover, improve care, and reduce liability.

Whether you are a community provider, caregiver, or simply interested in the future of senior living, the insights provided by this webinar are sure to be of interest.

Register now to discover the key findings of this important survey. Additionally, learn about the data, tools, and technologies that are shaping the future of senior care in the United States.

Join Paul Larson of RFT and Elissa Barpal, BSN, RN of Vayyar Care to discover:

  • The core challenges for communities – chiefly staff retention and fall detection – and the links between the two
  • The size of the administrative burden on caregivers – and why managers and executives don’t fully understand it
  • The true scale of nurse call system overuse – and the shocking impact on staff response times
  • The technology available to improve care and staff retention

Your Hosts

Paul Larson – RFT – VP of Product Development & Engineering

Elissa Barpal – Vayyar Care – Clinical Nurse Adviser and Product Specialist

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