Infant & Pediatric Security

Specifically Designed for Hospitals and Maternity Wards

umbillical transmitter baby

Keeping newborns safe by ensuring a secure environment for families is critical to maintaining your reputation as a reliable medical facility.

Our systems make it easy for staff to respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Protect Infant Patients
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#1 In The Industry With An RFID Infant Security System

Enterprise Software

Exit Control


Effective Technology

Safe Place Bands and Umbilical

Smart Sense® Technology with Cut-band Protection

Multiple methods of tamper detection on the softest, most comfortable banding in the market

Analytical Quality Dashboard Module

Integrates infant, pediatric, and elopement management solutions on a single platform

Baby Check™ Transmitter

Provides an added layer of protection against human error and a potential mother/baby mismatch.

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