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Every child deserves a safe place infant security

Reliable. Custom. Secure.

 Safe Place® is an infant security system developed by nurses for nurses. Our system is customizable to your hospital’s unique security needs. Protect infants and children without interfering with everyday workflow.

We know what it takes to create comprehensive patient safety solutions because we’ve been keeping people safe since 1987.

RF Technologies is committed to designing, installing, and providing best-in-class support for a system customized to your hospital’s need. Big or small, you will receive the same reliable product and 24/7/365 support.

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Eric Goodsell

“Safe Place® provides a proven product that is a good fit in our particular nursing environment.”

Eric Goodsell
Project Leader

Smart Sense® Technology with Cut-band Protection


Used with the Infant Security Solution, our patented Smart Sense technology detects when the band has been tampered with.

When the transmitter is loose, or no longer in contact with the infant, staff are alerted to check on the patient. See how important infant security is.

  • The softest and most comfortable banding on the market that won’t cut or chafe fragile skin.
  • Tighten or loosen bands without needing to replace them, saving both time and money.
  • Available in pre-cut lengths to reduce waste and ensure easy band adjustment or replacement.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates infant, pediatric, and elopement management solutions on a single platform. Staff can respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app, or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. View the SAFE PLACE® brochure.


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