Active Shooter Safety Solution

Every Second Counts

Setting the Scene

Providing Clarity if the Unthinkable Occurs

Unfortunately, public places have become the settings of an increasing number of mass shootings. While being at a site when an active shooter is present may be too troubling to imagine, RFT provides tools and technology to guide you to safety should the unthinkable occur. Staying in close communication with your coworkers or residents while having your exact location tracked with HELP ALERT® may be the lifeline you need to get through a crisis.

Effective Technology

Our system is easily installed using any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure without having to add Wi-Fi access points. At the press of a button, it immediately and discreetly reports the individual’s location to your security team.

3D-iD technology from RFT provides pinpoint accuracy locating by using XYZ coordinates within a 3D model

PinPoint® Software

3D-iD PinPoint locating is enabled through an innovative wireless positioning system that sends locating data via Wi-Fi to a networked computer with PinPoint® RTLS software. There, a virtual 3D model of the physical environment is constructed — identifying the computed position of the person or object in real-time. Mobile panic alarms enable security teams to locate staff even if they are on the move, unlike fixed panic buttons or repeater-based systems.

Mass Notification

Once an alarm is activated, system software enables detailed location tracking via security monitors and mobile devices, allowing security staff to intervene before a situation escalates to violence.


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