Keeping newborns safe is critical for parents, and a secure, welcoming environment elevates your reputation and helps attract new patients. Protect your smallest patients, give families peace of mind and reduce the risk of abduction with a fully-supervised system.


Our Approach

First in the industry with an RFID infant security system, RFT's SAFE PLACE has been protecting infants since 1993. Developed by nurses for nurses, SAFE PLACE is customizable to your hospital’s unique security needs, protecting infants and children without interfering with everyday workflow.

Infant and Patient Security Products

Smart Sense®

Patented transmitter is worn on infant’s ankle; secured with soft comfortable banding, safe for baby’s delicate skin. Communicates with Alarm Band Receivers and antennas.

Durable Transmitters

Standard transmitter with polyethylene banding. Standard Infant (durable) transmitter is worn on the wrist or ankle and provides cut-band protection.

Elopement Management

Allows for discreet monitoring of both fidgety pediatric patients or flight-risk patients, via transmitter attached to wrist with tamper-resistant banding material.


Optional feature provides additional peace of mind for staff. Simple, automated verification at the door ensures an infant is presented to the correct room and mother by matching the baby's transmitter to the wireless BABY CHECK transmitter.

How Can SAFE PLACE Benefit You?

discreet monitoring

Discreet monitoring

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Serviced and supported

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Greater staff efficiency

… when we learned about the new QR Prime System, we were excited to get on board. We were looking for a “next generation” nurse call system and we are very pleased with Prime’s features, reliability, and ease of use.
Joel M.CEOCalifornia

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