Room-Level Detection

Making Sure Every Moment Counts

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Setting the Scene

Complete Care, even when You’re not there

When a resident or patient is in distress, every moment counts. Having a flexible, room-level locationing solution for residents and patients in need of assistance is a must have for any healthcare or senior living facility. RFT has been on the leading edge of such work for four decades and currently provides a solution that when a resident pushes a wireless pendant button, their name, room number and location are promptly transmitted to caregivers so they can respond quickly.

Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates resident, patient and elopement management solutions on a single platform. It provides your staff with the ability to connect from anywhere. Staff can then respond to alarms on their mobile devices.

This software is supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. This optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools and identifies the true performance of your system and staff, helping you identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency.

Room Level Detection capabilities with Code Alert and Safe Place

Room-Level Detection Solution

Central computer stations display alerts that show the resident’s location details on a community map. Staff can be easily notified via pagers, CODE ALERT® displays or wireless phones that show text messages or emails. The flexibility of our location detection feature enables you to choose a solution that best accommodates your community and workflow. During installation, coverage areas are “mapped” with survey points, so when a pendant is activated, its location can be accurately calculated based on its comparison to mapped points.

Customized Solution

Additional call devices, such as stationary pull cords and call buttons, may be added when your community expands or is remodeled, resulting in a scalable and flexible investment in your system for years to come.

Code Alert Nurse Call Stations with button, pull cords, and more that wirelessly signal for help from the device to the nurse station.

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