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Reliable Wander Management Solutions

As a senior living community, the safety of your residents is of utmost importance and so are having reliable wander management solutions. The most vulnerable population of a community are those who suffer from dementia or other cognitive disorders. That’s why it’s essential to have a reliable wander management system in place to ensure their safety and prevent them from wandering off into potentially dangerous situations.

1. Wireless Transmitters: These are small devices that are attached to the patient’s wrist or ankle. The transmitters emit a signal to a network of receivers installed throughout the facility. If the patient attempts to leave a designated area, an alarm will sound, alerting staff members of the patient’s attempt to wander.

wander management with code watch from RF Technologies

2. Central Monitoring Station: The central monitoring station is the hub of the Code Alert system. It receives signals from the wireless transmitters and displays the patient’s location on a map of the facility. If an alarm is triggered, staff members can quickly respond and prevent the patient from leaving the designated area.

Laptop with Enterprise Software from RF Technologies

3. Reporting and Analytics: The Code Alert system provides detailed reporting and analytics. This can help healthcare facilities identify patterns and trends in patient wandering behavior. This information helps make informed decisions about staffing, training, and patient care.


desktop enterprise

Overall, RF Technologies’ Code Alert Wander Management is an effective solution for long-term care communities looking to ensure the safety of their patients. By implementing a Code Alert system with wireless transmitters, a central monitoring station, and reporting and analytics, facilities can safely support patient independence and provide a higher level of care.


Grant Zwicke is the lead content writer at RF Technologies and a member of the marketing team. His varied experience includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, specialty chemicals, public health, scientific research, publishing, television entertainment, and news media.