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Hospital Asset Management – Do you have a solution in place?

RF Technologies recognizes that an asset management system serves the many needs of a hospital. We see that healthcare facilities view asset management as a way to help improve the challenges that they face, such as caregiver efficiency, routine maintenance, and optimal equipment utilization.

What is Asset Management?

Asset management is a systematic approach to the developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading, and disposing of assets to maximize the value of tangible and intangible assets.

The Asset Management Lifecycle

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The asset management lifecycle is a process of maximizing the value of an asset to provide an organization throughout its entire lifecycle, in the most cost-effective manner. With an asset management solution in place, the system helps maintain, locate, and analyze the in-use part of an asset life cycle.

What is Asset Locating?

Asset locating is a process of asset discovery to find and locate a given company’s assets. Asset locating helps to maximize asset value, prevent asset hoarding, and improve efficiency.

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What does Asset Locating Provide in a Hospital Setting?

Asset management systems add quantifiable ROI for hospital systems. It is not enough to just know what assets your have, you need to know where those assets are located. Organizations that have mobile asset equipment should know where their assets are located at all times.

Knowing where your assets are located results in:

Cost Savings –

Knowing where your equipment is reduces lost equipment and hoarding, cutting down on the need for new purchases and rentals.

Caregiver Efficiency –

Giving staff the ability to quickly locate and maintain equipment vastly improves time spent on patients, thus improving caregiver efficiency.

Quality Patient Care –

Seeing the availability and maintenance of assets ensures that critical equipment is ready and on-hand. When equipment is ready and available, more time is spent providing quality patient care.

Rightsized Equipment Fleet –

Knowing how many assets are on-hand and their location at any given time ensures your facility has the optimal amount of equipment. This helps to reduce the need for equipment rentals.

Regulatory Compliance –

With a system in place, all maintenance can be scheduled, making sure all assets are properly maintained.

What is Asset Maintenance?

With asset management software, equipment maintenance is placed on a schedule improving compliance to 100 percent. This means that equipment is always in working order for any time it is needed.

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The Value of a Hospital Asset Management System

The purpose of having an asset management solution is to create cost savings, improve caregiver efficiency, provide quality patient care, retain a right-sized fleet of equipment, increase asset utilization, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Asset management is an important part of the operations of any healthcare facility. It is a systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles.

With asset management software, you can easily locate your mobile equipment and get it ready for use. This saves time and allows caregivers to spend more time with their patients. You can also schedule maintenance so that you are always in compliance with regulations.

The easiest way to find, manage, and leverage all your equipment is by implementing a comprehensive asset management solution from RF Technologies.

Asset Management Improves Patient Care

Your next caregiving experience should be exceptional. Asset management makes sure all assets are properly maintained and located at all times. This reduces time spent looking for equipment and ensures it is ready for use. This time reduction results in more time spent in patient care, therefore, improving the care that is received.

Asset Locating Improves Caregiver Efficiency

With asset locating, you can easily find mobile medical equipment and utilize existing equipment more efficiently. This saved time results in hours of time reallocated to patient care and other tasks.

Asset Management Improves Cost Savings

An asset management solution is a scalable technology that will fit your needs no matter how big or small your organization is. The technology is low-cost and provides a high return on investment. Once a system is in place, a facility can know exactly how many pieces of equipment there are and their proper utilization. This helps to cut back on unnecessary rentals.

Asset Locating Prevents Equipment Hoarding

Asset management is an essential part of any medical practice. It can be difficult to manage your assets without a system, but with the right software, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever to be compliant and cost-efficient.

Selecting a Hospital Asset Management Solution That’s Right for Your Facility

Does your hospital need inventory and equipment management software that enables you to control the location of your medical assets more effectively?

A healthcare facility, with a fleet of equipment that tends to be costly and time-consuming to manage, can benefit from implementing asset management software. An asset management solution is a scalable technology that is designed to meet the objectives of any facility’s unique environment.

Asset Locating and Management

Asset Management Solutions from RF Technologies

We can help you make better use of your assets, save time and money, and improve compliance.

An asset management solution from RF Technologies results in efficient patient care, immediate cost savings, and maintenance! By tagging assets and software monitoring, equipment maintenance is placed on a schedule, improving compliance to 100 percent. This means that equipment is always in working order for any time it is needed.

We’ve got a proven approach to asset management. Find out how we can help you get better results through our asset management software.

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