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Making a secure environment for staff and students

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Giving Staff and Students Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, schools and institutions of higher learning have become the settings for violent episodes. K-12, as well as universities across the U.S., are protecting their students and staff with HELP ALERT. RFT provides staff with the peace of mind that, if they need it, help is on the way at the touch of a button.

Staff Protection

Maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment for Your Customers and Staff

HELP ALERT® uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to locate staff in need of assistance. At the press of a button, HELP ALERT® immediately and discreetly report’s the individual’s location to your security team.


Mass Notification

Providing Clarity if the Unthinkable Occurs

Being prepared with an active shooter solution means having mobile panic devices that quickly notify security teams and initiate an emergency response. Once an alarm is activated, HELP ALERT software enables detailed location tracking via security monitors and mobile devices, allowing security staff to intervene before a situation escalates. In difficult situations, you can still locate staff if they are on the move.

Equipment Locating & Tracking

Finding Equipment Quickly and Efficiently

Conserve staff time and optimize resource usage with an asset location system. EXACTRACK® instantly locates mobile resources, improving productivity and your bottom line.


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