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30 Ways to Show Kindness to a Senior

Below you will discover 30 ways to show kindness to a senior.

When was the last time you experienced a random act of kindness? Odds are the occurrence placed a lasting smile on your face.

There exists an often-forgotten group who’d appreciate a kind gesture. They are the ones who laid the footwork for our world today, seniors.

 Remember, kindness is not about monetary spending or planning. It is about taking a moment to make a small difference in another person’s life.

Today, you are invited to brighten a senior’s day with a random act of kindness.

30 Ways to Show Kindness to a Senior

  1. Send older relatives a card. Include a kind message.
  2. Ask advice from a senior. Their wisdom is knowledge through experience.
  3. Pay a visit to an older friend who lives alone. They often have insightful stories.
  4. Surprise them with a meal. They will enjoy a home-cooked or baked item.
  5. Help them by running your errands in tandem with your own. Offer to pick up their groceries during your weekly run.
  6. Assist them with a chore that becomes more difficult with age. For instance, take their dog for a walk or offer to clean their cat’s litter box.
  7. Music is the great uniter. Download music from the era of their youth and create a CD or a playlist. Distribute these to friends, family members, or senior centers, nursing homes, and retirement communities.
  8. Take a trip down memory lane. Use your laptop or iPad to reference items from his or her past that come up in conversation.
  9. Surprise your elderly neighbor by planting flowers.
  10. Wash an older person’s car. Everyone loves a fresh car.
  11. Offer to help with some chores, like changing lightbulbs or changing batteries.
  12. Sit and talk. You will find out if you share an interest with an elderly neighbor. Use your shared interest to build a friendship.
  13. Volunteer to take an older person who no longer drives to where they need to go.
  14. Help a senior go through their mail. This makes managing bills, personal mail, and junk mail stress-free.
  15. Spend an afternoon talking with an older person. They are the owners of many tidbits of wisdom.
  16. Help with their household chores. Rake their yard, prune their bushes, and pick up detritus.
  17. Help with easy tasks. Take a neighbor’s trash to the curb or take the newspaper to his or her door.
  18. Give them something to enjoy. Set up a bird feeder outside an older person’s window. Refill the seed often.
  19. Invite a senior over for quality time. Invite them for a cup of tea or coffee, a holiday meal, or a summer cookout.
  20. Watch a movie. They very well might show you a classic that will become your favorite.
  21. Exchange recipes. Have a senior join you in the kitchen to foster a bond.
  22. Ask an older adult about times past. They will provide you with insights you will have never known before.
  23. Put together a gift of personal care items. Anyone at any age deserves self-care. Women will especially enjoy the primping.
  24. Become buddies. Invite a senior over to watch a game. He will have a good story about back when he could play.
  25. Take them on a ride-along. Offer a Sunday afternoon drive around town or in the neighborhood where they were raised or raised their kids.
  26. Archive their life stories. Record their memories and stories on video or tape. Family members will love their preserved memories.
  27. Show some love. Give an older loved one a hug to brighten their day.
  28. During inclement weather, clean off their car or driveway, or offer to help them with their vehicle.
  29. If you are a good cook, drop off a meal. Something they can re-heat will be appreciated.
  30. Ask them to be your mentor. Confide in a trusted elderly for help with career, relationship, and personal advice.
About the author:

Grant Zwicke is the lead content writer at RF Technologies and a member of the marketing team. His varied experience includes pharmaceuticals, medical device, specialty chemicals, public health, scientific research, publishing, television entertainment and news media.