In business since 1987, RF Technologies is a leading provider of safety and security solutions for healthcare, senior living, hospitality, education, and related markets, leveraging radio frequency identification (RFID) and real-time locating system (RTLS) technologies. The RF Technologies brand family includes CODE ALERT® call and wander management systems, SAFE PLACE® patient security systems, HELP ALERT® mobile panic alarm systems, EXACTRACK® equipment location systems, and SENSATEC® fall management products. With more than 10,000 installations nationwide, RFT was first in the industry to offer remote monitoring, RF consulting, 24/7 technical support by internal staff specialists, and a nationwide service team.

The company was founded by CEO Glen Jonas, whose career began at manufacturing companies Square D, Allis Chalmers, and Johnson Controls. Following his years in manufacturing, Jonas spent 15 years in the field consulting, during which time he gained significant exposure to the hospital and senior living industries. At the time, Jonas was intrigued to discover that although the senior care market was rapidly expanding, there were few providers of wander management solutions to help caregivers keep these individuals safe. That revelation formed the basis for CODE ALERT, RFT’s first product.

“During the first 10-15 years,” Jonas relates, “product ideas came mainly from customers. For example, in June of 1989 I received a call from a hospital asking if RFT’s CODE ALERT system could be adapted to protect babies while they were away from the nursery.”  In fact, says Jonas, I still have the memo I wrote asking my engineering staff whether RFT could meet this need—this is the origin of SAFE PLACE, RFT’s infant and pediatric security solution.”

Here at RFT, it makes us especially proud that we are enhancing the lives and the well-being of others.

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Founder and current owner, Glen F. Jonas, organized the company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the mission to provide security products for healthcare markets using RF technology, and wireless monitoring and controls.


LASATA Nursing Home, in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, became RFT’s first customer with its purchase of our Wander Management Solution.


First version of a fall prevention product was developed and patented with 17 claims. Work began on the industry’s first RFID infant security system: SAFE PLACE® Infant Security System Solution with alarming band technology.


A new wireless nurse call system – Quick Response® – was released for use in assisted living and senior care communities.


The Sensatec® Fall Management product line, designed to alert staff members of potential fall risk before an incident, was introduced.


RFT entered the Real-Time Locationing Systems (RTLS) asset tracking marketplace with acquisition of PinPoint Company of Boston, Massachusetts.


The Safe Place® Elopement Management Solution was launched to reduce elopement risk in emergency departments and acute care.


New clinical education and development teams were put in place to help customers learn and launch their Safe Place® systems.



Code Watch® transmitter released- a discreet, lightweight and water-resistant transmitter for our Wander Management Solution.


Code Alert® Quick Response® Premiere Wireless Call Solution receives certification to ANSI/UL 1069, Edition 7 for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment.


Launched Smart ID™ location detection technology for Code Alert® Quick Response® Plus Wireless Call Solution, enabling resident locationing down to the room level.



Introduced the Touchpad Exit Controller (TEC) for monitoring doors in Code Alert® Wander Management and Safe Place® systems. A discreet, LED touchpad turns off when not in use, helping the controller blend into the environment.


Sleek new Quick Touch® pendant offers improved aesthetics and peace of mind for residents, while the new RFT Cares® smartphone app enables caregivers to efficiently receive, acknowledge and classify alarms.


RFT celebrates its 30th year in business, still focused on providing innovative safety and security solutions for healthcare, senior living, hospitality, and education.

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