Technical Support Troubleshooting Tips

(This list is intended to be a reference point. Should the solutions not work in your environment, please contact Technical Support at 1.800.669.9946 option 5 for further assistance)

My computer is showing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and the software isn’t showing.

  • Press the keys CTRL + ALT + DELETE at the same time. There should be several user accounts listed.
  • Select the rftuser account. Note: the username and password are both rftuser.

My computer is not making any sound.

  • Look to lower right on the monitor, beneath the screen. You should see a 1 and a 2.
  • Press 1 and use the arrow keys to select audio adjust.
  • Press 2 to make sure "mute" is not checked. Use the arrow keys to make this adjustment.

I would like to change the bypass codes for unlocking the door; OR how can I change the code that resets the keypad after it alarms?

Please identify the type of keypad in use:
Is it a touch style keypad (a 9450 keypad) for Wander Management?

  • NO – press **9450 25 new four digit code ** 9450 05 new four digit code **9450 01 1
  • YES – does the resident exit wearing a wander management transmitter without alarming the door?
    • If, YES - Press **9450 25 new code on the key pad (this is known as the Staff code)
    • If, NO – Press **9450 22 new code (this is known as the Visitor code)


Is it an outdoor keypad?  - YES

                  Does it have a key switch at the bottom of the keypad OR does it have yellow numbers?

  • Press #9#12345601# new code # new code #1#**#
  • REMOVE the old code. Press #9#12345602#old code #**#

                  Does it have three lights, a black bezel and white numbers?

  • Press 99#9450*2#new code * new code ***
  • Try the new code
  • If it does not work then press 99#1234*1#9450***
  • Repeat step 1.

I just received my new pagers, is there a way to confirm that they are working, and receiving alarms?

  • Turn the pager on using the "Power" button.
  • Generate an alarm, and if the page is not received within your specified time period contact Technical Support for further assistance.

I received new pendants but they are not showing as available to be assigned.

  • Click Log-in
  • Select Administrative Functions
  • Select Configuration
  • Select Configuration


  • Select Settings
  • Select Quick Response Plus device id list and, enter in all 8 numbers
  • Click Save
  • Alarm the pendant and re-set
  • Pendants should now be available to be assigned.

I received a new EnGenuis phone and need register it.

  1. Using your ID 10 or 11 phone
  2. Select menu 6 3 phone to add.
  3. Choose phone to be added menu 6 1.
  4. Add the phone to a group menu 5 2 and then add the group.

I received new transmitters, infant child security, pediatric, or adult and they are not auto enrolling / can’t be assigned.

  • Click Login
  • Select Administrative Functions
  • Select Configuration
  • Select Configuration

    • Select Settings
    • Select Transmitter ID Ranges
    • Adjust the minimum and maximum to accommodate your current ID numbers
    • Click Save
    • You should now be able to assign or the transmitters should auto-enroll.

My computer won’t turn on.

Check to see if the cord is plugged directly into wall or if there is a battery backup that may be plugged into.

If it is plugged into the wall – confirm that the outlet is functional by using a different outlet or confirming that it is not controlled by a wall switch.

If it is plugged into a battery back-up – confirm that is fully functional, is it turned on; attempt to plug directly into an outlet.

The card reader for login isn’t working.

  1. Try disconnecting the card reader from the computer and plug back in.
  2. Do a proper re-start of the computer using Windows to re-start.