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See Tech Support's Troubleshooting Tips below or send a note to our Technical Support representatives.

Troubleshooting Tips

(This list is intended to be a reference point. Should the solutions not work in your environment, please contact Technical Support at 1.800.669.9946 option 5 for further assistance)

My computer is showing CTRL+ALT+DELETE and the software isn’t showing.

  • Press the keys CTRL + ALT + DELETE at the same time. There should be several user accounts listed.
  • Select the rftuser account. 

My computer is not making any sound.

  • Look on the black trim of the monitor on the lower right corner. You should see a 1 and a 2.
  • Press 1 and use the arrow keys to select audio adjust.
  • Press 2 to make sure "mute" is not checked. Use the arrow keys to make this adjustment.

I would like to change the bypass codes for unlocking the door; OR how can I change the code that resets the keypad after it alarms?

Please identify the type of keypad in use:
Is it a touch style keypad (a 9450 keypad) for Wander Management?

  • NO – press **9450 25 new four digit code ** 9450 05 new four digit code **9450 01 1
  • YES – does the resident exit wearing a wander management transmitter without alarming the door?
    • If, YES - Press **9450 25 new code on the key pad (this is known as the Staff code)
    • If, NO – Press **9450 22 new code (this is known as the Visitor code)


Is it an outdoor keypad?  - YES

                  Does it have a key switch at the bottom of the keypad OR does it have yellow numbers?

  • Press #9#12345601# new code # new code #1#**#
  • REMOVE the old code. Press #9#12345602#old code #**#

                  Does it have three lights, a black bezel and white numbers?

  • Press 99#9450*2#new code * new code ***
  • Try the new code
  • If it does not work then press 99#1234*1#9450***
  • Repeat step 1.

Discontinued Products

As technology has advanced over the past 30 plus years at RFT, many of our components and software has also. In favor of advancement to our new technology, and in an effort to continue to be a leading provider of safety and security solutions, the below list of products will no longer be supported by RFT Technical Support and Field Service:

Representatives check emails
Monday-Friday from 7AM-7PM CST.