HELP ALERT® Personal Safety Devices for Students and Faculty


The threat of violence, bullying and injury is a persistent issue in education. Protect your students and staff with HELP ALERT, provide students, their parents and your staff with the peace of mind that, if needed, help can be on the way at the touch of a button. HELP ALERT® creates a secure productive environment in which students can focus on learning, and staff can focus on delivering a quality education.


Our Approach

HELP ALERT® is a system of personal safety devices for students and faculty. It uses a real-time locating system (RTLS) to locate staff in need of assistance. By pressing a button on a small pendant, or mobile panic alarm device, HELP ALERT® immediately and discreetly reports the pendant’s location to your security team.

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Pendant with Mass Notification feature

Instantly alert your staff when they absolutely must know about a serious and/or life-threatening situation.

RF Technologies Locator Beacon

Locator Beacon

These devices enhance location accuracy by readily accessing additional known points of reference used in RTLS location calculations.*
* When Locator Beacons are installed per recommendations, location accuracy of 8 - 12 ft. is often reported

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Powered by the advanced PinPoint RTLS (real time location system) platform, HELP ALERT® for classrooms can easily be deployed using any existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, without requiring additional Wi-Fi access points.

How Can HELP ALERT Benefit You?

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Leverage your existing Wi-Fi

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Use data to anticipate dangerous situations

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Safeguard staff

The system was installed in a timely manner, and we are very pleased with the ease of use and its dependability. From the first phone call to inquire about the system to the final installation, RF Technologies has provided excellent customer service and an excellent product.
Lisa PenaExecutive DirectorThe Village, Inc.

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