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Keeping people safe since 1987

Our sole focus is on developing solutions that keep people safe, improve care and increase staff efficiency. CODE ALERT is ideal for use in post-acute care, behavioral management, rehab, dementia units and senior living settings. The CODE ALERT family of patient and resident safety and security tools can be configured on a single software platform to create a cost-effective solution to meet the unique safety and security needs of your facility.

Built for the ER, Dementia Units and Senior Living Settings

When your residents need assistance, you want them to have confidence that help is on the way with the touch of a button or the pull of a cord. CODE ALERT creates a secure, home-like environment with improved resident safety and reduced liability by providing that confidence.

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Enterprise Software

Enterprise Software integrates resident, patient and elopement management solutions on a single platform. It provides your staff with the ability to connect from anywhere. Staff can then respond to alarms on their mobile devices using a web-based mobile client, an Android or IOS app or your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.
This software is supported by our Quality Dashboard Module. This optional feature offers a comprehensive set of reporting and analytical tools and identifies the true performance of your system and staff, helping you identify areas of strength and opportunities to improve efficiency.

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Wander Management Solution

For residents and clients in senior living communities and adult day services who are at risk for wandering (elopement), CODE ALERT transmitters worn around the wrist or ankle can reduce resident and patient wandering while supporting caregiver workflow. Our comprehensive solution provides the latest in discreet exit monitoring for senior patient security. It allows adult day centers to maintain an open environment, while monitoring the residents who are at risk of wandering by signaling your staff when monitored doors have been opened. The system can be configured to lock the door as well.

Nurse Call

CODE ALERT offers wireless call stations and pendants that enable residents to summon help with a press of a button or a pull of a cord. The pendant can be worn around the neck, strapped to the wrist or hooked on clothing. The call station is mounted on a wall close to the resident. When activated, care staff are alerted to the residents location, thereby improving staff efficiency.

Environment Monitoring Solution

The Quick Response® Plus environmental sensors can save your staff time and help ensure better care by alerting them to situations where residents may need assistance. Temperature sensors send a notification when they detect that the ambient temperature for the environment being monitored is outside the pre-defined threshold. Additionally, water detectors are environmentally safe and provide early warning against damage caused by leaking appliances or standing water not limited to hurricanes or flooding.

Activity Monitoring Solution

Wireless passive monitoring sensors can be placed around a resident’s room or apartment, permanently or temporarily as needed. All information is reported in CODE ALERT Enterprise software, allowing staff to learn resident patterns and note changes that may call for additional care. Motion sensors provide daily check-in functions when residents get up for the day. A missed check-in will alert staff to check on the resident.

Depending on resident needs, staff can either monitor a situation or intervene promptly, as necessary.

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