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Help Locate & Maintain Medical Equipment with Ease

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Reduce Costs and Transform Your Asset Management

Asset management systems add quantifiable ROI for hospital systems. It is not enough to know what assets your have, you need to also know where those assets are located. Organizations that have mobile asset equipment should know where their assets are located at all times.

Low-Cost, Intuitive, and Complete

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Improved Staff Efficiency

Instantly Locate Assets Using the Seeker Search Engine

The Seeker Search Engine is fast and intuitive. It gives staff the ability to export lists to quickly locate and maintain equipment.

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Higher Quality Patient Care

Ensure Critical Equipment is Available

Seeing the availability and maintenance of assets ensures that critical equipment is ready and on-hand.

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Improve Cost Savings

Reduce Asset Hoarding, Loss, and Shrinkage

Knowing where your equipment is reduces lost equipment and hoarding, cutting down on the need for new purchases and rentals.

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Optimized Equipment Fleet Size

Know Asset Use to Optimize Fleet Size

Always ensure your facility has the optimal amount of equipment. Know how many assets are in-use and their location at any given time.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Schedule Equipment Maintenance

Make sure all assets are properly cared for by placing them on a maintenance schedule.

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SAFE PLACE Asset Management seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow

The Seeker Search Engine, part of RFT’s SAFE PLACE Enterprise Software, gives an instant view of the location and maintenance status of all tagged equipment in your hospital. Knowing the exact locations eliminates hundreds of hours spent searching for equipment.

Fully Integrated for Complete Asset Coverage

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Asset management software


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Scalable, Cost-Effective, Small-Footprint

SAFE PLACE Asset Management is fully scalable to meet any healthcare facility’s needs. Tagging equipment is intuitive. The tag can be adhered using double-sided tape or a zip tie. Adding a new asset to the Seeker Search Engine is easy. It is as simple as scanning the QR code.  It is the smallest active asset tag on the market.

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