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Our SENSATEC restraint-free fall management solution reduces the risk of falls while preserving the dignity and comfort of those in your care. Integrating SENSATEC into your nurse call system eliminates all audible alarms when a resident gets up. This means it will not unnecessarily restrict freedom of movement or emit tones that are potentially disturbing to the resident (the goal of new CMS guidance regarding fall management solutions). Staff can be notified through the call system, and can move quickly to assist the resident if necessary.

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Our Approach

Our sole focus is on developing solutions that keep people safe, improve care, and increase staff efficiency. Your staff needs to focus on caring for residents—SENSATEC provides a simple fall prevention solution that helps them do just that.

SENSATEC® Products

ST750 Voice Alarm

Recording a voice message from a family member or loved one can encourage residents to wait for help. Customize the alert further with 8 tones or melodies. Staff can be notified through our nurse call system, and can move quickly to assist the resident
if necessary.

Bed/Chair Pads

Comfortable, no-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for shorter-term rehab stays, or for long-term monitoring. Large chair and oversized bed pads cover more surface area for fewer false alarms. Pads are durable and latex-free. Available in two styles.

How Can SENSATEC Benefit You?

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Silent, local alarm

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Voice alert option

One of the things that we appreciate most about the RF Technologies equipment is its reliability.
Randall M. CrosbyDirector of FacilitiesMilwaukee Jewish Home and Care Center

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