Help Alert panic alarm fob

Help Where It's Needed

By pressing a button on a small panic alarm fob, Help Alert immediately and discreetly reports your location to your responders.

Powered by PinPoint technology

PinPoint software shows detailed location information on security monitors and optional mobile devices to help save time.

Track It Faster

ExacTrack is an asset tracking solution that enables staff to instantly find mobile assets.

Real Time

View alerts in real time as location updates on a floor plan


Software stores data to help spot trends or support future budget needs


Free mobile apps available to track alerts from an Apple® iOS devices


Panic button ordinance proposed to protect hotel workers


Hotel workers who spoke to ABC 7 hope a proposed Chicago ordinance that is being introduced Wednesday will allow for some type of panic button to get help quickly if need be.

  The Help Alert Panic Alarm System leverages existing Wi-Fi to protect staff and patients, teachers and students, workers and guests. Help Alert is fast and easy to deploy, and requires just three components for start-up: the PinPoint server and software, battery-operated reference tags, and panic alarm pendants. Choose the panic alarm solution protecting people in healthcare, hospitality, and education environments across the country!

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