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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period?

The warranty expiration date is can be found on the transmitter. Other parts are warranted for one year. Systems are warranted for one year from install, if installed by an RFT-certified installer.

What should I do when my Transmitters are expired?

The transmitters use a lithium battery and should be disposed of according to your local regulations.

Do you have a device to test the Transmitters?

Yes, we have a Transmitter Tester, which consists of a device that is used to check the operation of each Transmitter.  Assuming a Transmitter is functioning properly, the Transmitter Tester will detect its signal, the indicator light will flash and a tone will sound. Additionally, transmitters should also be tested on a weekly basis by physically entering an exit zone. Note: the Transmitter Tester detects whether or not a Transmitter is emitting a signal, but does not assess the strength of the signal.

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