CODE ALERT® Wander Management

Reduce elopement risks while supporting caregiver workflow with our
CODE ALERT® Wandering Management Solution.

Code Watch® Transmitter

The dangers of resident elopements are extensive, including
injury and liability. Manage these risks and support caregiver workflow with our UL 294 compliant CODE ALERT Wander Management solution.

Touchpad Exit Controller

Perimeter Alarm Security
Model T30 is an “always armed” non-PC-based system that provides 24/7 exit monitoring:

  • Alarm sounds when a locked door is opened.
  • Keypads at exits enable alarm bypass with
    security code.

Transmitter-based Protection
Model T70 and T80 controllers are transmitter-based, with antennas to monitor exits:

  • Elevators deactivate to keep patients safe on their
    designated floor.
  • Escort feature enables patients to leave an area for a set time without an alarm sounding.