Code Watch® Transmitter

The dangers of resident elopements are extensive, including
injury and liability. Manage these risks and support caregiver workflow with our UL 294 compliant CODE ALERT Wander Management solution.

  • Cut-band detection—Tamper-resistant bands can only be assigned or removed by authorized staff.
  • Antenna detects when a transmitter is in close proximity of
    a monitored exit; system arms the door and instantly
    notifies staff; alarm sounds if an attempt is made to open
    a locked door.

Touchpad Exit Controller

Perimeter Alarm Security
Model T30 is an “always armed” non-PC-based system that provides 24/7 exit monitoring:

  • Alarm sounds when a locked door is opened.
  • Keypads at exits enable alarm bypass with
    security code.

Transmitter-based Protection
Model T70 and T80 controllers are transmitter-based, with antennas to monitor exits:

  • Elevators deactivate to keep patients safe on their
    designated floor.
  • Escort feature enables patients to leave an area for a set time without an alarm sounding.

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