The threat of violence, injury and bullying in schools is a persistent issue in the U.S. educational system.

Help Alert is an easy-to-deploy solution that complements school safety plans and adds to the effectiveness of SROs and other security investments.

Help within Reach

Teachers can use a Help Alert pendant (panic alarm) to call for help with just the push of a button. The system can also be configured to call local authorities based on your facility’s needs.

Protect Teachers, Staff and Students

Around 40,000 students are physcially attacked in U.S. schools every month.1 Pairing Help Alert with your safety plan can help mobilize SROs faster.

Utilize Existing Wi-Fi

Help Alert is made to use your existing Wi-Fi, without the need for wires, power cables or new construction.

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Discreet Protection

Help Alert can be clipped to clothing, carried in a pocket for subtle use, or mounted in discreet locations.

Help Alert has been an asset in ensuring the safety of our staff and students. It has proven to be an effective tool in providing our administrative team with immediate notification of verbal and physical student conflict, medical emergencies and other situations that have required additional staff intervention. Nicholas Falcon, Principal, WIU Crossroads School