Assure your young patients and families while visiting your facility.

Cut-band technology helps reduce your risk of abductions and associated liabilities.

Easy, Automated Operation

Children wear small, lightweight locking transmitters, which continuously sync with the Safe Place system. If a protected child gets too close to a monitored exit, the exit locks, an alarm sounds and staff members are instantly notified.

  • Sturdy transmitter with 1-year average battery life
  • Gentle yet sturdy cut band technology alerts on removal
  • Transmitters require a key to be removed


Locking transmitters can be placed around a wrist or ankle with soft, pleather banding. A small key is used to release the transmitter upon discharge.

Western Connecticut Health Network chose RF Technologies’ Safe Place® to add a higher level of security for our patients. Safe Place® provides a proven product that is a good fit in our particular nursing environment. Eric Goodsell, Project Leader, Technology and Systems, Western Connecticut Health Network

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