Choose a system that complements your hospital’s unique polices and procedures.

All Safe Place solutions can be programmed to communicate directly with each another on one platform to create an enterprise-wide solution.

Discreet Monitoring

Safe Place Elopement Management Solution uses a discreet banding technology to monitor flight risk patients, allowing nurses and other clinical staff to perform their intended jobs: providing general and acute care to patients in need.

Reduce 1:1 Watches

Safe Place reduces the need to hire patient sitters for 1:1 watches and continuous observation, allowing discreet monitoring to maintain an individual’s dignity and right to anonymity

Targeted Coverage

All routes leading out of a designated area are constantly monitored, including doors, elevators, hallways and stairwells. Staff can work without restriction while maintaining the safety and security of your facility and patients.

"... I knew this was a nurse call system that would fit well in our community. Installation was very quick and easy. It's always a concern when switching systems after staff has been using the same one for so many years, but out team grabbed hold of QR Prime very quickly."
Cathy F, Executive Director, Illinois