Sensatec® Fall Management

Just how critical is fall management?


Sensatec® Fall Management Solutions

Sensatec Pads & Alarms

Dignified, Discreet Fall Management
For senior living communities, hospitals and rehab facilities

When your staff members need to focus on caring for residents or patients, you need a simple fall management solution that helps them do just that. Reduce the risk of falls without taking away the dignity and comfort of those under your care.

The restraint-free Sensatec® Fall Management Solution is designed to respect and protect patients and residents. It’s fast to set up and easy to use so staff can focus on care.


Create a Safe, Comfortable Environment
Sensatec uses two components – an alarm unit and pad – that connect to proactively alert staff if a resident or patient at risk of falling attempts to leave a chair or bed.


Sensatec Sensor Pads
  • Integrate with existing nurse call systems: receive a local, silent alarm at a central computer station, contributing to a quieter, more home-like environment
  • Adjust the alarm volume to reduce noise and alarm fatigue, helping respect patient dignity
  • Adjustable alarm delay enables staff to tailor an alarm delay to each patient based on his/her fall risk
  • Tamper alert: alarm sounds if pad is disconnected from the alarm unit, ensuring at-risk residents are protected
  • Auto-on feature starts monitoring when weight is applied to the sensor pad

Comfortable Sensor Pads
No-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for short patient stays or long-term monitoring. Large chair and oversized bed pads cover more surface area for fewer false alarms. Pads are durable and latex-free.

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Why Risk It?
Learn more about the dangers of using bed rails and what alternate options are available for safe, reliable, restraint-free fall management.



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