Reduce the risk of falls while preserving the dignity and comfort of those under your care.

When your staff members need to focus on caring for patients, you need a simple fall prevention solution that helps them do just that.

New! ST750 Voice Alarm

Recording a voice message from a family member or loved one can encourage patients to wait for help. Customize the alert further with 8 tones or melodies.

Restraint-free Fall Prevention

Sensatec uses two components – an alarm unit and sensor – that connect to proactively alert staff if a resident or patient at risk of falling attempts to leave a chair or bed.

  • Sensatec Chair Sensor Pads - Available in 7-, 30-, 90- and 180-day use
  • Sensatec Toilet Sensor Pad - Available in 30-day use
  • Sensatec Seat Belt Sensor - Sturdy & durable

Comfortable Sensor Pads

No-slip sensor pads are available in multiple models for short patient stays or long-term monitoring. Large chair and oversized bed pads cover more surface area for fewer false alarms. Pads are durable and latex-free.

Silent, Local Alarm

Integrate with existing nurse call systems for a local, silent alarm at a central computer station to reduce alarm fatigue.

Tamper Alert

If pad is disconnected from the alarm unit, an alarm automatically sounds to ensure at-risk residents remain protected.