Safe Place Pediatric Security

Want a complete hospital solution?

The Safe Place platform can incorporate all of our hospital solutions – including Infant Security, Elopement Management and Fall Management – providing you with a global safety solution.

A Safe Place for Pediatric Patients

Give your little patients – and their families – peace of mind with the Safe Place® Pediatric Security Solution, featuring cut-band technology to reduce your risk of abductions and associated liabilities.

  • Protect your patients: a safe hospital elevates your reputation
  • Custom-designed to enhance workflow and productivity
  • Advanced radio-frequency technology – patients are protected just one minute after the transmitter clamps close


How it Works: Easy, Automated Operation
Children wear small, lightweight locking transmitters, which continuously “check in” with the Safe Place system. If a protected child gets too close to a monitored exit, the exit locks, an alarm sounds, and staff members are instantly notified.

Learn more about our automated software that makes your job easier so you can focus on your patients.


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Safe Place Infant & Pediatric Security Brochure

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Pediatric Security Solution Sheet

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Safe Place Software Solution Sheet

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