Safe Place® Elopement Management Solution

A first-to-market solution, Safe Place® Elopement Management Solution, uses a discreet banding technology to monitor "flight risk" patients, allowing nurses and other clinical staff to perform their intended jobs – providing general and acute care to patients in need.

Safe Place® Elopement Management Solution is customizable, developed to complement the unique policies and procedures each hospital employs. The Safe Place® platform can be programmed to allow all of its solutions, including ED, Infant/Child and Fall Monitoring, to communicate directly with one another, providing you and your staff with one complete, global safety solution.

  • Minimizes risk and possible liabilities
  • Maximizes staff utilization and efficiencies
  • Provides unobtrusive monitoring of patients at risk of elopement
  • Elevates the safety and security of your facility
  • Facilitates coordination among nurses, security personnel, administration and doctors
  • Constantly monitors all routes leading out of a designated area, including doors, elevators, hallways and stairwells
  • Allows for discreet monitoring, which maintains each individual’s dignity and right to anonymity

The benefits of Safe Place® ED translate financially as well. Trials at Mercy Hospital in Minneapolis, MN have generated positive results, including:

  • A 60 percent decrease in patient watches
  • Savings of approximately $71,675 as translated back to patient watch time


Safe Place® Acute Care Solution

Safe Place® Acute Care from RF Technologies offers fall management and elopement deterrent solutions to any hospital unit that admits patients for medical services, especially those with decreased levels of consciousness due to medication, post-op, anxiety, confusion, dementia, head injury, psychiatric illness, etc. Often the patients who pose an elopement risk are the same ones who are at risk of falling.

The Safe Place® Solution reduces the need to hire patient sitters for 1:1 watches and continuous observation. Both the elopement management and fall management solution have been proven to reduce a facility’s liability and associated costs.


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