Assure your young patients and families while visiting your facility.

Cut-band technology helps reduce your risk of abductions and associated liabilities.

Easy, Automated Operation

Children wear small, lightweight locking transmitters, which continuously sync with the Safe Place system. If a protected child gets too close to a monitored exit, the exit locks, an alarm sounds and staff members are instantly notified.

  • Sturdy transmitter with 1-year average battery life
  • Gentle yet sturdy cut band technology alerts on removal
  • Transmitters require a key to be removed


Locking transmitters can be placed around a wrist or ankle with soft, pleather banding. A small key is used to release the transmitter upon discharge.

Help Alert has been an asset in ensuring the safety of our staff and students. It has proven to be an effective tool in providing our administrative team with immediate notification of verbal and physical student conflict, medical emergencies and other situations that have required additional staff intervention. Nicholas Falcon, Principal, WIU Crossroads School