Our Culture

The culture at RF Technologies is what gives us the leading edge in a competitive market, and what helps us continue our growth and expansion into new markets. Engaged and empowered employees are what make our culture stand apart.

You can make a difference.

Our employees take pride in what they do. Why? Because what we design, manufacture and deliver helps keep people safe. What we do benefits our community, and sometimes even our own family and friends.

From senior living communities, to hospitals, to schools, our products provide safety and peace of mind for people at many different ages in many different environments.

You can be a part of change.

We got our start providing safety solutions for senior living communities. Since then, our continuous growth has enabled us to adapt to changes in the healthcare sector, a growing aging population, and shifting sociological and economic priorities in the U.S.

Now, we provide solutions for a variety of vertical markets, with more opportunities on the horizon. Because of this, we have active, engaged employees that are not just focused on where we are, but also where we want to be.

You can work for an employer of choice.

After 25 years, we have evolved into a leading provider of RFID and RTLS safety and security solutions. Our longevity proves we’re small enough to quickly respond to the needs of our customers, and large enough to make a difference when it matters most.

You can be a part of an innovative team.

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