Founder and owner Glenn F. Jonas organized RF Technologies, Inc. in Milwaukee, WI, a company dedicated to providing reliable, wireless, radio frequency (RF) security products for the healthcare market.

Product development began on a Wandering Management Solution to help reduce the risk of resident elopements in senior care communities. Original transponders were designed for 360-degree loops around doors.

LASATA Nursing Home (Cedarburg, WI) became our first customer with their purchase of our Wandering Management Solution.

The quality of our products set us apart, in addition to our focus on an easier, less costly installation.

The company continued expanding with the development of a low-cost MAT system.

Developed first version of a fall prevention product (patented with 17 claims).

Entered a new market with sales of safety solutions to hospitals.

Work began on the industry's first RFID infant security system: our Safe Place® Infant Security Solution with alarming band.

The original, bulky black wandering management transponders were upgraded to the stylish, more cost-effective beige transmitter. Our engineers redesigned the system to be antenna-based, lowering installation costs.

Released the new, improved 9100 Exit Alarm Control design with keypad and LEDs.

A new wireless nurse call system – the Quick Response® Solution – was released for use in assisted living and retirement communities.

The 9120 Exit Alarm Control system was introduced for both Safe Place® and Code Alert® solutions.

Headquarters expands with move to current location on 126th St. in Brookfield, WI.

The Sensatec® Fall Management product line was introduced, designed to alert staff members of falls before they happened.

The 9450 Exit Alarm Controller was released, and along with it, four customizable Wandering Management systems, and the Model 100 system for our Infant & Pediatric Security Solution.

Entered the real-time locationing systems (RTLS) asset tracking marketplace with the acquisition of PinPoint Company of Boston, MA.

Our latest hospital solution, Safe Place® Elopement Management, was launched to reduce elopement risk and the need for one-to-one watches in emergency departments and acute care.

New clinical education and development teams were put in place to help customers learn and launch their Safe Place® systems.

The release of our CodeWatch™ transmitter brought a revolutionary, discreet, lightweight and water-resistant transmitter for our Wandering Management Solution.

Code Alert® Advanced 3-Way Care was introduced, a combination fall management, incontinence detection and patient repositioning reminder solution.

Introduced Wi-Fi-based asset tracking solution from PinPoint.

Launched the Code Alert® Wireless Call and Communication Solution (now our Quick Response® Premiere Wireless Call Solution) that integrates wireless call and life safety devices, and notifies staff of an emergency call, a call event, and associated responses, all via two-way WiFi-based communication.

Code Alert® and Safe Place® 9450 systems receive certification to ANSI/UL 294, Edition 5 for Access Control System Units.

Code Alert® 9500 and 9600 wireless call systems receive certification to ANSI/UL 1069, Edition 7 for Hospital Signaling and Nurse Call Equipment.

Launched version 7 software, featuring a new, user-friendly interface, integrated care options, adult cut-band technology, Wi-Fi pendant and remote monitoring support.

Introduced new Smart Sense® technology for the Safe Place® Infant Security Solution, a transmitter and banding with multiple levels of tamper detection and the softest banding on the market.

Rebranded Code Alert® Wireless Call Solutions to Quick Response® Premiere, Plus and S – enabling senior living communities to customize a solution at their price point.

Launched Smart ID™ location detection technology for Code Alert® Quick Response® Plus Wireless Call Solution, providing resident locationing down to the area level.

Introduced refreshed Sensatec® models with faster audible cadence and new volume control buttons, making it easier for caregivers to better manage room noise levels.

Celebrated 25 years of innovation, in-house design, and delivering world-class safety and security solutions to our customers.

Released Touchpad Exit Controller (TEC) for Code Alert® Wandering Management and Safe Place® Infant & Pediatric Security Solutions. The TEC's responsive touchpad lights up when pressed and turns off when not in use, helping it blend into its surroundings.

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